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We are still devoted to Tejano, but we're doing Gospel aswell.Our Objective remains the same; We invite you to join us on our journey towards helping those in need, especially musicians and their families.Also, we ask God to help us
keep our Tejano Heritage strong...
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 Order Rene's 1st Gospel Cd today;  
 call (979)240-1335...(2) new cds are currently pending to be released soon.
  $10.00 + s/h
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 Rene Serrata
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Rick Fuentes recorded   
Las 4 Lupes & did a great job ! 
Give it a  listen, enjoy it.
Call (979)240-1335 
 Serrata Music Ministry's 3 new Gospel compilation cds. 
Call (979)240-1335 
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   $79.85 !!!
Tejano News: